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captioned by the national captioning institute >> alive and in 7 news at noon, on your side. >> another showdown. >> house speaker boehner says the gop will fight any tax increase and soon the president will speak about the so-called fiscal cliff. that is just about an hour away, john? >> that's right. the fiscal cliff could cause the economy to shrink and destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs.
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the question is, can the lame- duck congress prevent that from happening? the terms fiscal cliff is not a household word yet, but give it a few days. it could mean another recession and a jump in the unemployment rate. >> this is an opportunity for the president to lead. >> the president will address attempt to cut the federal deficit by half a billion dollars by next fall. >> according to ernst and young raising the top rates would destroy nearly 700,000 jobs in our country. >> with no bipartisan agreement, laws that to change could mean an end to tax breaks for business. democrats will not raise taxes on -- >> i have a spouse who is underemployed. i have one that will be graduating in may.
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it is people who are trying to find jobs i would be more concerned about. >> not to mention the new debt ceiling deal is said to cut hundreds of government programs including the defense budget and medicare. >> we need to try to get some stuff done. >> the gross domestic product would grow by 2% next year and almost 2% if the president's table tax and jobless benefits are -- payroll tax and jobless benefits are extended again. the president is said to speak in about an hour. >> thank you. lawmakers also working on a set of new and unprecedented sanctions against iran. the sanctions are the result of iranian officials jamming satellites and blocking access for iranian citizens. this comes after an iranian
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military plane fired on an unarmed military drum last week. the drone was not -- and unarmed military drone last week. be drawn was not hit. >> syrians are pouring into turkey and lebanon as the unrest continues in their country. united nations says the number of people who need humanitarian aid could hit 4 million by next year. >> also following a developing story -- a group of men were robbed and shot at after chasing a suspect. this was at 18th and jefferson place in northwest. it ended with the victim stopping at a white house security kiosks and asking for help their. we have the latest on that story. >> early this morning, a robbery that ended in a shootout. the victims, who did not want to be identified, said that they
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were leaving wor attacked. >> we were about to get in the car and leave when four guys jumped out with guns. >> it happened at 18th and jefferson place in northwest d.c. looking for a license plate some of the victims followed the suspect. >> one of them shot. >> after being shot at the victims drove toward the white house. >> they drove the vehicle down here, which i believe it was the u.s. secret service who were approached here. >> now they are looking for the suspect vehicle which is described as a white or silver linkedin. officials say that no one was hurt in all of this. is early in investigation. they hope to find more about what happened. abc7 news. >> also a school bus driver has died after a crash in culpeper,
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va.. the high school students on board the bus were not hurt. the 70-year-old bus driver suffered a medical issue and then crashed the bus into a ditch. we will have more on that on the news at 5:00 this afternoon. and a silver spring home looks like this after a fire this morning. it took firefighters 20 minutes to knock down the flames. no one was hurt. because is still under investigation at noon. -- the cause is still under investigation at noon. >> basketball coach bernie fine' -- charges against him have been dropped. as there are no evidence to support claims of molestation. >> a jetblue pilot who suffered
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a breakdown has been set free. video shows him screaming and trying to open a door. passengers pinned him to the floor. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. >> 14 fighter jets were scrambled in d.c. after an in- flight emergency on a united airlines flight. the passenger would not follow the instructions for landing last night. the man was yelling. he would not set down and started praying in the niall. the other passengers were able to subdue the man. he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> finally a little relief. adam caskey with a picture perfect weekend forecast. i know you'll get a shot of the water somehow, adam. >> absolutely. let's look at one of our newest
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hd cameras. this is in laurel. the wind is gusting up to 20. still a little bit of a breeze but nothing but sun over laurel and elsewhere as well. let's look at the temperatures. 51 in fairfax. in the most part, the lower 50's at midday. breezy. we will get to anywhere from 55 to 60 degrees this afternoon. 51 and a sunday in boston. that warmth from kansas city and memphis, that will start pushing our way. i will talk about that in a few minutes. steve? >> in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, gas rationing in effect only a quarter of the city's stations were open after the storm. that was complicated by the nor'easter that blanketed the region with snow. >> with gasoline difficult to
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come by, gas rationing in newark city and long island. drivers have increasingly -- in new york city and long island. drivers have increasingly short fuses. >> if you run up in a few hours. >> @ since apiece as a man pushes his -- a tense piece after a man pushes his car to the promised land. more than 500,000 customers across the region are living without power and many also need gas to keep generators running in frigid temperatures. >> 90% is not a victory. the 10% who do not have power is not a defeat. we will keep working and keep pushing the utility companies every day until that number is 0. >> new york city mayor michael
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bloomberg is taking action, starting at gas rationing system. gas will be rationed stupid drivers with -- will be rationed to drivers who is license plate ends with an odd number to debt -- today. even numbers will be tomorrow. fuel delivery is disrupted. >> we came into manhattan to get gas. >> an hour and a half? >> no, two hours. >> the shortages and long lines are expected to last at least another two weeks. abc news, new york. >> thank you. coming up -- a lifesaver for some men. >> and and area school gets up patriotic -- and an area school gets a patriotic take on show
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and tell. >> and metro interruptions all the way through sunday night. >> let's look at the short. what a nice day to be i got it when
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>> a lot of writing on the orange line this weekend. trains running from east falls church to clarendon are starting at 10:00 tonight running until 10:00 p.m. on monday. the orange line -- also single tracking to east falls church. green line, the track between greenbelts and college park. >> there will be delays for
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drivers thanks to dame judi dench. trucks and delays have caused some rubbernecking for the last few days. the shooting will continue until this evening. meanwhile, one of the movies that helped virginia to a banner year for film industry revenue it opens this weekend. "lincoln" opens at. virginia brought in $4 million of film revenue this year. >> sunday is veterans day and one fairfax county school found a special way to honor past military service members. take a vet to school this
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morning -- students welcome the veterans with waving flags cheers, and a band performance. at the veterans shared stories with the students. >> id name me realize how proud of a nation we are. -- it made me realize how proud of a nation we are. we are starting off at this age keeping the pride in the children. i think it is absolutely wonderful. >> my mom and dad are in the military. [indiscernible] >> 98% of the students do have parents serving in the military. the coming days will be filled withs closures and road closures for veterans day. we do have a complete listing on our website, >> all right. adam is with us.
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the weather for the weekend -- >> the temperatures will be above-average. we are seven to nine degrees below average so far this month. that is significant. and we will be a little bit above average this weekend. temperatures will be above 70 this weekend. and then it will drop a little bit on monday. i will be tell that, but first a little bit of a time lapse. get this -- 5:59 -- i mean four- o'clock 50 9:00 p.m., one minute before 5:00 p.m., the sun sets. today is the first day the sun sets before 5:00 p.m.. western alleghany county -- notice in particular the upper right hand of your screen. look at that snowpack.
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sorry, the snow gets me excited. this is an interesting thing i have for you. a different aspect of it. this is the latest satellite imagery. look here, western virginia, western maryland. that whites -- that is not cloud cover. that is the snow pack. still visible from the backside of sandy as it moves through. especially in garrett county in western maryland. 55 right now at reagan national. wind out of the north at 14 miles per hour. not quite as dusty as yesterday but you still do noticed the wind -- not quite as dusty as yesterday, but you still do notice the wind. the errors are indicating the direction of the wind out of the northwest -- the air rose are indicating the direction of the wind out of the northwest. -- the arrows.
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we have seen this pattern for a couple of weeks now. we will finally shake it on saturday and sunday. tomorrow, you will really notice the change. 52 out of winchester at this time. here is a look at the nor'easter pushing out to the far north atlantic. otherwise we have nothing but sunshine and beautiful conditions because of this high- pressure system. is typically brings -- it typically brings sunny conditions, but could pushes the air down. we have the southwardly trend. the weather pattern pushing above average for the weekend the bank noticed the hourly forecast showing temperatures before bedtime in the 40's. it will get down into the 30's for most of us. here is your weekend forecast. tomorrow partly cloudy. a good amount of sunshine.
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i actually think we could hit 70 degrees in spots by wed.. i do not think that is out of the question. especially down here at quantico. >> spectacular. thank you, adam. >> a man it could be turning to a pregnancy test -- men could b
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>> by d.c. caterer who catapulted to fame on shows like "top chef" and "the chew" now has a way you can enjoy her cooking. she joins us to talk about her new book "cooking with love." we are so glad you could join as. >> thank you for having me, cynne. >> you may be my only hope for getting a good thanksgiving dinner on the table. congratulations on putting together this remarkable book. is autobiographical as well, i understand?
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>> it is autobiographical. all the dishes that i had our sunday suppers coming up to when i was catering, on "top chef," and to get to know me and my food. and yes, you can pick out your favorites for thanksgiving, because i am sure they are in their. >> hallelujah. dc is so proud of your. we have watched your -- d.c. is so proud of you. we would have watched your career. >> i am coming back tonight but i have a signing, and i also have a signing after that in columbia, md.. is great to become. it will be great to -- it is great to be home. it will be great to sleep in my
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bed. i am just so grateful. >> we appreciate that. carla, it is great to have you on. you can catch her show right here at 1:00 p.m. today. and we will also have coverage on president obama's speech on the economy. stay tuned. >> "dancing with the stars" -- has thyroid cancer. she is expected to make a full recovery. but she says she will have a big scar across her neck. 7 is on your side with a new way for men to detect testicular cancer with a pregnancy test. the same were mine produced by pregnancy -- the samehormone produced by pregnancy in women
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is at present in some types of testicular cancer. it could be a reason to go to your doctor. >> an air bag problem in grand cherokees, libertys from 2004. and the air bags in certain models can go off without warning. there have been 81 injuries in 2000 cases. still led, adam is back with a final look at the sunshine today -- still ahead adam is back with a final look of the sunshine to dead. >> do you think you are doing yourself a favor drinking diet cola instead of regular? think again.
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>> if you are noticing something different about adam these days -- >> look closely. really close. >> right. >> i did not notice that. >> it is movember. thousands of men are growing beards and mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer. we put that on our i got it when
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